​Cardiovascular Diseases Conference in King Abdulaziz Hospital - Al Ahsa

cardiovascular diseases conference

Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs (MNG-HA) represented by Cardiology Department in King Abdulaziz Hospital - Al Ahsa, held the10th annual Cardiovascular Diseases Conference, which discussed the latest medical studies in heart failure. Dr. Ahmad Al Arfaj, the Regional Executive Director of the Ministry of National Guard -Health Affairs in the Eastern Region mentioned that: “ this conference was held for the tenth consecutive year to stress the importance of this event and its scientific status”.

He also added “The conference is being attended yearly by a wide range of people who are interested in heart disease filed, and every year it deals with an important aspect of this critical and important specialty. It is highly regarded by consultants, specialists and health practitioners since it attracts the participants who are keen to participate in order to gain more accurate medical information in this area".

Moreover, the Conference President, Dr. Abdullah Al Jabour said: "This event is a complement to a continuous series of programs, activities and events organized by MNG-HA in order to promote medical work and achieve the highest degree of medical service excellence, which enable us to serve the patient as required, thus we hold such events, especially in the field of heart disease, which has an international medical attention, and medical studies in this field are continuous”.

In addition, he said: "The importance of this conference lies in highlighting the importance of heart disease prevention, which is the main and first cause of death in the world, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the third after traffic accidents and aging. The previous conference held several discussions in various fields related to heart disease , and achieved its desired objectives”.

He stated that: "The conference has succeeded in achieving its goals and strategies, and attracted well-known specialized speakers in heart disease specialty”.

Chairman of the Organizing Scientific Committee, Dr. Ayman Sulaiman said that: "The conference discussed several aspects related to heart failure, including the last updates in this regard, as well 18 speakers presented specialized research papers about this dangerous disease. Also, the conference discussed many aspects of heart failure including its last treatments, methods of diagnosis, its complications and spread as well causing high rates of deaths”.

Moreover, he pointed out that: “The conference addressed the latest studies to reduce this impact, which costs the Kingdom a lot, and increases the suffering of families from the social point of view," he also added, “The conference recommended establishing a specialized heart failure center as it is the case in major hospitals around the world.”

Last but not least, Dr. Sulaiman mentioned that: "One of the most common causes of heart failure is the narrowing of the coronary arteries, and the prevention depends mainly on adapting healthy life healthy, stop smoking, weight loss and regular exercise. Also, the main symptoms of the injury is shortness of breath, inability to walk, inability to sleep in the flat lying position, swelling of feet, inactivity, and inability to do normal daily duties”.

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