​Al Subait: The percentage of Children with cavities exceeds 90%

School Dental Prevention Program Continues its Awareness Campaign for Students

School Dental Prevention Program Continues its Awareness Campaign for StudentsThe School Dental Prevention Program in the Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs continues its activities by providing educational and therapeutic services for the 2016-2017  in the schools of the National Guard. This is the ninth consecutive year in which these events take place successfully with positive outcome.

The School Dental Prevention Program is considered one of the most powerful preventive programs in the Kingdom. The program was founded on a high level in terms of workforce  and technical resources by providing 4 mobile cars, each containing two clinics with a team of doctors and oral and dental specialists, where some cases are being transferred to King Abdulaziz Dental Center, to complete the necessary treatment when needed.

Moreover, the program aims to spread awareness amongst children by advising them on the amount of sugar intake, introducing them to appropriate diets, and explaining the right methods of teeth cleaning under the slogan "Prevention is Better than the Cure". in addition to stressing the importance of fluoride and adhesive treatments for cracked the teeth. The program also aims to raise the society’s awareness levels by emphasizing the importance of maintaining oral and dental hygiene for their close association with the person’s general health while practicing healthy behaviors to prevent diseases.

School Dental Prevention Program Continues its Awareness Campaign for StudentsDirector of School Dental Prevention Program, Dr. Abeer Al Subait pointed out that the most common problems facing oral and dental health professionals in children is the high rates of cavities. Recent studies have shown that tooth decay is one of the most prevalent diseases in Saudi Arabia. The percentage of dental cavities among children between 6-7 years old is 74% 93%.

Dr. Al Subait also added that during the last academic year, more than 450 male and female students were examined and treated in mobile clinics, and the average number of visits was up to "900".

It is worth mentioning that, for the past year,  the School Dental Prevention Program participated in several local conferences and events such as the Janadriya Festival, The 28th Saudi Dental Society International Dental Conference. At the regional level, the program participated in the 21st edition of the UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition and the GCC Oral Health Unified Week.

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