​PMBAH Honored by Faculty Of Pharmacy, Taibah University

Taibah University Honores PMBAHTaibah University Honores PMBAH 
Faculty Of Pharmacy, Taibah University honors Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital – Al Madinah (PMBAH) on Thursday for their productive cooperation and rapid efforts in training the college students.  Deputy Executive Director of Operations, PMBAH, Mr. Mansour Al Askar was visited by College Deans, Dr. Hani Khoja, Dr. Yaser Alahmdi and Dr. Sultan Al Thqfan who presented two appreciation certificates for  Executive Director of Operations in PMBAH, Dr. Mansour Al Othman, Deputy Executive Director of Operations in PMBAH, Mr. Mansour Al Askar.

During honoring ceremony that was attended by Dr. Sahl Kosh Hal, Dr. Hani Khoja delivered a speech expressing his gratitude to PMBAH management and Pharmaceutical Care staff for training services they presented to the students. He praised the level of Pharmaceutical services on the hospital and the high quality of the human manpower. Dr. Khoja also expressed his happiness about the cooperation between Taibah University and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital – Al Madinah.

From another side, Mr. Mansour Al Askar was thankful to the University for this generous gesture, asserting that this cooperation is one of the important social responsibility that The Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs (MNG-HA) is proud to present. Mr. Al Askar pointed out that the hospital management pays great attention to effectively contribute in improving the medical and academic society and it is keen to expand this area in the future.

Pharmaceutical Care Department, PMBAH has received huge number of Pharmacy College students on the last three years in different sections of Pharmaceutical Care Department, who were trained in Out-patient Pharmacy, In-patient Pharmacy, Intravenous Solutions preparation room and Clinical Pharmacy. The students also practice medicinal education, preparing medications and presenting awareness lectures under the supervision of specialized pharmacists.

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