​Successful MERS-CoV Transmission Simulation in Dammam

MERS-CoV Transmission Simulation  
Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal Hospital in Dammam, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNG-HA) executed a successful MERS-CoV transmission simulation among a number of staff members. The Disaster and Research Committee has focused on the ability, capabilities and efficiency of the hospital in taking necessary action regarding infection control where all physicians, health practitioners, military police members and all departments related to Disaster and Research Committee participated. Also, specific points were established; staff and patients who are not infected with the virus were prevented to enter as the simulations were carried out on 10 MERS-CoV patients in different cases and control of the virus within two hours was done.  

Moreover, the Monitoring Committee, which inspected closely the working group on the epidemic transmission, submits its recommendations to the Organizing Committee to hold a meeting after 48 hours of the simulation to discuss the shortcomings of future avoidance. Also, the Organizing Committee noted that this simulation has been executed after intensive meetings and workshops held earlier, and will be followed by continuous simulations to reach the desired goals.

In this regard, Dr. Ahmad Al Arfaj, the Regional Executive Director of MNG-HA in the Eastern Region said:” MNG-HA is keen to establish such drills, which aim to increase the efficiency of physicians in their specialties, improve the quality of work and production, and come in accordance with strategic plans set by the MNG-HA to reach the optimum level of medical service provided  for all patients".

Last but not least, the Disaster and Research Committee executes four simulations annually in different scenarios to make the institution in a state of readiness for different kinds of disasters and to improve any shortcomings in handling such disasters.

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