​PMBAH Launches VIP Clinic

Launching VIP ClinicLaunching VIP Clinic 

Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital – Al Madinah (PMBAH) launched VIP clinic which supervised administratively by Medical Protocol Department and medically by Medical Services Department. The VIP clinic intended  to provide quick and more private medical services for very important patients. These special clinics have some features such as calling certain doctor in case of early coordination. It consist of two equipped clinic. The clinic medical services schedule include 16 specialized medical clinics.

Dr. Walid Al Yafi Executive Director, Medical Services, and Deputy Executive Director of Operations, Mr. Mansour Al Askar expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the participated departments for their efforts in establishing and preparing the clinic. Moreover, Ms. Amani Qoas, Supervisor, Medical Protocol Department delivered a speech welcoming the attendees from all departments and present detailed explanation about the clinic services and sections.

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