​"Scientific Research Challenges" Lecture in KAIMRC - Eastern Region

Scientific Research ChallengesThe King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) in the Eastern Region held a lecture entitled "Scientific Research Challenges", in which several topics of the obstacles facing the scientific research were addressed in addition to how to overcome them. The Regional Executive Director of MNG-HA in the Eastern Region, Dr. Ahmad Al Arfaj, said: " KAIMRC ever since its establishment, it has been an influential landmark of science and a source of development in the medical field and it remains to be the front runner for encouraging medical research that will  contribute to the development of the health feild".

He explained that "this lecture comes after a series of continuous programs and various activities adapted by the Center, that primarily aim to promote scientific research, and benefit from the exchange of experiences among researchers, in addition to encouraging the study and publication."

For his part, Chairman of KAIMRC  in the Eastern Region, Dr. Ali Al-Qarni said that "the lecture carried an important title, scientific research challenges, in which Endocrinologist Dr. Omar Babakir, presented the challenges of scientific research, how to choose the subject and the right method of research, to find participants, to follow the research’s laws and ethics, in addition to research training and research publication.

Furthermore, Dr. Babeker explained in his lecture that " KAIMRC  in the Eastern Region received about 195 research papers from 2010 to 2017",  noting that "the challenges and difficulties facing the researcher lies in the recruitment and education of patients for the prepared research, and also the financial, environmental and regulatory aspects, as well as the method of publication".

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