​MNG-HA Prepared for the Pilgrims in the Holy Sites

MNG-HA Prepared for the Pilgrims  

Ministry National Guard is a national entity where its military role is an integral part of its cultural role that is reflected on all the social, cultural and health dimensions.

Providing unique and advanced healthcare services directly achieves the national goals set by the founder King Abdul Aziz, may God rest his soul. National Guard established a fully integrated management that is entrusted with providing comprehensive health care at all levels, the primary, public and Specialist.

MNG-HA Prepared for the Pilgrims  

The Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNG_HA) installed a field hospital in Mina with a capacity of 40 beds fully equipped with the latest medical standards. In addition, it also set up camps in Arafat and Muzdalifah, as well as providing instruction services and awareness programs throughout the Hajj season.

Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, as one of the countries hands that was appointed to serve the Pilgrims, has start preparing Mina's field hospital which has been designed from fireproof and heat resistant fiberglass which accommodates the climatic conditions. the hospital consist of 40 beds equipped to receive emergency and sunburns cases, in addition to two intensive care rooms. The hospital includes all medical equipment needed for emergencies, two intensive care rooms, outpatient clinics in various medical specialties, two pharmacies, a laboratory as well as  rescue teams. It also includes support services such as dental clinics, Ob/Gyn and fully equipped minor surgery rooms. Moreover, in Arafah the NGHA camp aims to provide all treatment and emergency services for pilgrims, as well as various medical centers in Muzdalifah, and remaining holy sites which include general diagnostic clinics and a pharmacy. All facilities are air conditioned in addition to providing backup generators for the emergency. A qualified team of Saudi doctors, pharmacists, technicians and administrative employees will work in these medical field centers around-the-clock. There is also coordination between these centers and other hospitals, Ministry of Health care facilities, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, and the Department of Civil Defense medical evacuation planes.

 MNG-HA Prepared for the Pilgrims

Awareness and Education has great focus by MNG-HA, therefore,  the Public Relations and Media Affairs Department at MNG-HA, Western region in coordination with Department of Infection Prevention and Control to prepare awareness campaigns and on-sight consulting services during Hajj season

MNG-HA Prepared for the Pilgrims  

Department of Infection Prevention and Control is one of the important departments during Hajj season that contribute through insuring that medical staff is trained for Right Care, Right Now and Respiratory efficiency test. They also held the seventh Pre-Hajj Training Course for Health Workers. The department pays an inspection visits for Mina's field hospital to check the readiness of the site, write and print medical and educational brochures with different languages, provide pilgrim bag that includes (an umbrella, scissors, razors and others), Hajj vaccination campaigns for all MNG-HA staff, train the medical staff on handling infectious diseases, present an awareness lecture for the military staff on how to prevent infectious diseases, preform field training for cleaners on waste disposal and the means used to prevent infection, set precautionary measures to protect the medical staff from any infection, prepare screening plan for the patients to isolate respiratory infections cases, prepare two rooms to isolate cases that suspected with Corona.


The Department of Public Health in the Department of Infection Prevention and Control in coordinate with the Department of Primary Health Care, the Department of Military Field Medicine, the Department of Employee Health Clinic, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) clinics all participated in conducting a campaign under the slogan “Vaccination ... for safe Hajj”.


It is worth mentioning that the mission of MNG-HA aims to provide high quality healthcare and unite all efforts to better serve the pilgrims of the Holy Mosque. In addition ensuring their safety based on the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and His Royal Highness.

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