Cleft Palate Aware​ness Campaign

Cleft Palate Awareness Campaign 
The Department of Burn Unit And Plastic Surgeries in King Abdulaziz Medical City - Jeddah organized Cleft Palate Awareness Campaign that included an open-day exhibition set in ACC building to promote medical and social awareness with the slogan “A Smiling Journey”.

The campaign aimed to provide knowledge about cleft palate conditions and associated symptoms and health problems like difficulty feeding, ear infections and hearing loss, dental problems, speech difficulties, and other medical challenges. The campaign also focused on psychological problems that come with such conditions like low self-esteem and difficulties in social interaction. Dr. Mamoon Daghistani, Head of Burn Unit & Plastic Surgeries Department pointed out that considerations

must be taken into account when it comes to providing health care to children with cleft palate conditions which  includes psychological issues like parental adjustment, child temperament, social and emotional adjustment, intellectual development, and school achievement.​

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