World Hand Hygiene Day in PMBAH

World Hand Hygiene Day in PMBAHThe Department of Infection Prevention and Control in Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital (PMBAH) in Al Madinah celebrated the 208 International Hands Hygiene Day with the participation of Nursing Education to spread awareness amongst health practitioners about the importance of hand Hygiene in addition to educating the general public of patients and visitors which will contributes in reducing the transmission of epidemics and diseases.

Deputy Executive Director of Medical Services, Dr. Tarik  Khashoggi, launched the event with the presence of a number of directors of the medical and operating departments of the hospital. The activities of this day, which were held in the lobby of the main entrance of the hospital, included educational segments aimed at patients and companions and all staff members, where there was a high turnout of visitors. Such activities included an awareness video about hand hygiene and sterilization as well as a collection of publications and pamphlets​.

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14-May-2018 09:47 AM