​Tracheostomy Awareness Campaign​Tracheostomy Awareness Campaign

The Department of ENT- Otolaryngology HNS in KAMC-JED organized Tracheostomy Awareness Campaign that included an open-day exhibition set in ACC building to promote medical and social awareness. Head of the campaign Dr. Hashim Alhashimi said the campaign came to educate the public about the tracheostomy procedures as well as the treatment of post-surgery and post tracheostomy rehabilitation. It draws attentions about psychological side of the treatment and social also. He pointed out that around 100 cases received yearly in KAMC-JED where tracheostomy procedures are conducted and post tracheostomy rehabilitation is given. The exhibition witnessed several participations from different medical department such as; nutrition, nursing, respiratory care, and social work.

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23-Oct-2018 03:21 PM