​Dr. Alia Zwawi: Different and Significant Topics to be Presented in PSF 2017

Dr. Alia ZwawiDr. Alia Zawawi, Director, Postgraduate Training Center, Deanship of Postgraduate Education, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS), a member of the Scientific Committee of the 7th Patient Safety Forum which will be hosted by the Ministry of National Guard  - Health Affairs next Tuesday, stressed that the society is the prime mover and the cornerstone in the concept of patient safety. Patient safety have great importance in the world of medical health services quality which depends on several elements that will be discussed in the Forum for the first time.

Dr. Zawawi added that the Forum will present in its 7th session new roles for patient safety with the participation of governmental authorities and different disciplines from all sectors that will identify the role of the patient, physician, health practitioner towards patient safety.

Moreover,  Dr. Zawawi pointed out the importance of home health care in improving public health quality of the society. Home health care decrease the exposure to infectious diseases and epidemics. Dr. Aisha Alsughair, Family Medicine Consultant, who is specialized in home care from Ministry of Health will present a comprehensive presentation about the level of development in the field of home health care that reached by KSA and the importance of this development to patient safety.

In addition, Dr. Nourah Alnuiser, Family Medicine Consultant, Armed Forces Hospital will participate a scientific paper explaining the importance of society participation and its effective role in protecting patients, the role of primary health care and KSA vision that aims to increase the level of public health and decrease chronic diseases and accidents with the participation of the society.

Dr. Zawawi added that Dr. Bader Alkateb, Family Medicine Consultant, MNG-HA will discussed in his scientific paper the role of primary health care in spreading awareness among society member and prevention chronic diseases awareness campaigns. He will also discuss a pioneer international experience about the role of family medicine in setting the cornerstone of patient safety in the society and outside the hospital.

With the Huge media synchronization that keep up with the national transformation stage and 2030 vision, Dr. Khaled Alnmer, Consultant, professor of Cardiology, Arterial Catheter and Nuclear Imaging, An activist in social media will participates through explaining the importance of media to patient safety and the positive of negative active role on the public health. He will also point out the importance of communication between the patient and the health practitioner in addition to the role of technology. Moreover, two scientific papers will be presented and discussed to the Forum and the attendance by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Fayez, Dean of Postgraduate Education  - King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and Dr. Abdulmohsen Alsaawi, Director, Quality & Patient Safety Department, Head of Urgent Care Center and Observation Unit, Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs – Riyadh.

Dr. Zawawi asserted at the end of her speech that the Forum this year gain great importance through the participation of several international and national speakers who have huge experience in the field of patient safety, quality, primary health care and providing medical field with the culture of patient safety. In addition, several workshops will be held in multiple disciplinary that will provide the attendees the chance to discuss with the speakers and the chance to present their experience in this field.

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