​KAMC-J Launches the World Immunization Day 2017

​KAMC-J Launches the World Immunization Day 2017The Department of Public Health in the Department of Infection Prevention and Control in King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah and with the presence of the Executive Director of Medical Services - National Guard Health Affairs - the Western Region Dr. Mansoor  Al Jandai launched the World Immunization Day 2017 in cooperation with the Vaccination Program in the Ministry of Health - Jeddah. The campaign was launched under the slogan "Vaccination matters to you no matter how old you are".

The campaign aims to educate health workers about the importance of vaccinations and its positive impact on the overall health, young and adults alike, and its effective and noticeable effect in eliminating the spread of infectious diseases and preventing the related complications, in cases such as the flu, meningitis  and other Infectious diseases. 

This year, the activities of the campaign included an educational awareness exhibition for patients and visitors in the outpatient clinics through the educational activities on vaccinations for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, the immune system diseases,  as well as older persons over the age of 56, as well as vaccinations for pregnant women and the recommended vaccinations for the upcoming two years in the health field.

Deputy Associate Executive Director  of the Department of Infection Prevention and Control,  Dr. Assem Al-Saadi, pointed out that the success of the adult vaccination program is linked to the awareness among patients and health care workers that vaccinations are not only for children but also for adults. Last but not least, a Public Health Consultant Dr. Faisal Farhat, explained that the success achieved in the children vaccination worldwide can also be achieved in the adult world.

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