​PMBAH Celebrates Hands Hygiene Day

PMBAH Celebrates Hands Hygiene DayPrince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital (PMBAH) in AlMadinah AlMunawwarah celebrated the International Hands Hygiene Day under the slogan "Clean Hands Save Lives", the event was organized by the Infection Control Department with the participation of the Department of Patient Relations and the Department of Primary Health Care to educate health practitioners about the importance of hand Hygiene and hand sanitizers. In addition to educating the general public of patients and visitors of their health rights when provided with health services.

The event included a series of educational events and competitions preceded by a speech delivered by the Director of Infection Control Department Dr. Sayed Nazir, in which he reviewed the correct methods to maintain the cleanliness of the hands and its importance in preventing patients and service providers from any health damage. He also stressed that all health service providers must comply with these health procedures for their safety and the patients safety.

Additionally,Public Health Nurses, Ms. Hawazin Shaikh and Ms. Iman Al Sheikh also addressed the topic of infection resulting from poor hand hygiene in health facilities. They pointed out that more than half of the infections in health facilities around the world can be prevented by good hand hygiene, stating that the cleaning and sterilization of the hands inhibits the spread of antibiotic resistance, greatly reduces infection and directly affects the safety of surgical operations, up to patient safety.

Last but not least, the event included a simplified study conducted by Infection Control Specialist Ms. Basma Al-Juhani through a questionnaire system, in which the Infection Control Department aims to identify the main reasons for non-compliance with hand hygiene, as well as the extent to which health practitioners are aware of the correct methods of cleaning and disinfecting hands to ensure and maintain practitioners' commitment to clean their hand hygiene.

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