​It included an exhibition and intensive specialized lectures

KAH Celebrates Hands Hygiene Day

KAH Celebrates Hands Hygiene DayThe Department of Infection Prevention and Control at King Abdul Aziz Hospital - AlAhsa organized the "Hand Hygiene" activities through an awareness exhibition attended by several departments and intensive specialized lectures. Dr. Ahmad Al Arfaj, the Regional Executive Director of the Ministry of National Guard -Health Affairs in the Eastern Region pointed that "the event is an extension to a variety of previous activities aiming to raise the awareness levels among participants, correct any misconceptions and highlight the most important objectives of these activities”.

He added: "This event is very important because our hands are continuously exposed, so it is very important that we keep them clean and sterile because they can spread disease. The participants reviewed several Detailed information about the importance of Hand Hygiene”.

Moreover, such event was held after a series of intensive preparation meetings, it also included an awareness exhibition attended by several departments, including the Department of Infection Prevention and Control, where they conducted a Hand Hygiene test and showed the proper ways to sterilize them.

In addition to the exhibition, the activates also included intensive specialized lectures, in which the several scientific papers were presented, to include the latest studies and statistics, mistakes made by the medical staff regarding sterilization of the hands, as well as other specialized papers.

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