​MNG-HA – Jeddah Launching the Awareness Campaign of World Heart Day

Awareness Campaign of World Heart DayAwareness Campaign of World Heart Day 
Executive Director of Operations an Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNG-HA)- Western Region, Colonel Engineer Khalid Bakulka, launched yesterday the  Annual Awareness Campaign of World Heart Day at King Faisal Cardiac Center – Jeddah.

The campaign, on its third year,  focused on  enhancing the social awareness for regionally common heart diseases such as Auricular Fibrillation that leads to strokes and increase death among infected. It also focused on educating society about the indicators and reasons lead to heart diseases such as Coronary Artery disease, Myocardial Insufficiency and Electrical Heart disorders in addition to how to discover these diseases at early stages and how to prevent them. This campaign includes topics related to heart diseases such as smoking risks and how to quit smoking in addition to training visitors on cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods and importance.

Dr. Jamilah Al Rahimi, Cardiology Consultant, Head of the organizing committee pointed out that the campaign added new activities that includes lectures for King Abdulaziz Medical City – Jeddah (KAMC) staff in which they discussed significant topics related to the patients with heart disease. Dr. Al Rahimi mentioned that according to statistic from World Health Organization at 2014 that indicates the increasing in death cases from heart diseases. This calls for collective collaboration to provide all facilities lead to a healthy society by raising awareness about heart diseases.

Dr. Al Rahimi also mentioned that the campaign this year has an awareness exhibition that present several participations from internal medical departments at King Faisal Cardiac Center and medical departments at KAMC- Jeddah. The attention was directed towards providing all the available health information for the visitors, especially the information related to Auricular Fibrillation that leads to strokes. The exhibition also focusd on the treatments methods of some of heart diseases and its early indications such as: Coronary Artery disease, Arrhythmia, Myocardial failure.


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