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National Guard Health Affairs Culture

​National Guard Health Affairs Culture 

In any organization, a cultural concept forms its staff motivation and also governs relationships among them to distinguish its identity. Such concepts are positively or negatively reflected by the way the staff acts both in and outside the organization. In preparing this plan, it is important to highlight the positive cultural concepts built over NGHA history as well as to recognize cultural concepts that require development in order to be a part of NGHA dynamics.

The health organization covers the following cultural concepts:

  • Patient focused, we listen to each other and treat one another with dignity and respect.
  • Emphasis on the medical team concept and in a culture of involving patients and families with decision making about medical treatment.
  • Develop a patient’s safety culture by emphasizing the role of systems rather than individuals in order to systematically develop policies to avoid future errors.
  • Provision of education and skills‐development opportunities to all staff.
  • Attracting highly qualified and skilled personnel from various countries, in order to create a multicultural workforce that brings experience and achieves the NGHA organization’s objectives.
  • Establish an NGHA culture of self discipline, achieve decentralization, emphasize continuity and participation in decision‐making, encouraging team‐work and quick decision making based on scientific and objective data.
  • Transparency in all health organization works, without breaching patient confidentiality.
  • Ensure fair business practices in dealing with dealers, suppliers, contractors; questioning whoever breaches this principle due to personal relationships, disregarding health organization interest and avoiding personal dealing with companies.
  • Justice and equality in rights and responsibilities for all staff.
  • Employ the principle of “Right Person in the Right Position” using a merit system in all employment and promotion decisions.
  • Supporting patient’s right of accessibility to the right treatment in a timely manner.
  • Promoting the ideal organization behavior such as, punctuality, and non‐delay of work assignment, respecting schedules of work and assignment performance and programs, attending meetings, committees, clinics and scientific / training meetings.
  • Provision of appropriate environments for disabled persons.
  • Promoting smoke free environments in all NGHA facilities.
  • Promoting work ethics and professional conduct in all activities such as patient care research, and academic activities.
  • Promoting department productivity and individuals’ personal growth, high performance, and loyalty.
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