Children Obesity: who to blame? 

obese baby

Weight gain in children is a health problem that cannot be ignored. It is important to point out the parents who have this misconception that weight gain in children is a sign of good health so much so that some mothers seek to increase their children’s weight.  Therefore, it is pivotal to stress that children face the same consequences to obesity that adults face.

Children obesity became so common recently and needs to be addressed. But, who should be blamed?

Do we blame the parents’ way in feeding their child? Or are genetic factors to blame? Or is the school at fault with not paying enough attention to this matter as well as the lack of physical activities?

The issue here is not on who to blame but rather on finding appropriate and  practical solutions that can be used to prevent or treat this problem involving everyone whether be it at home, school, or other. 


How does obesity start?

Regardless of age, the human body’s weight increases when the amount of calorie intake is more than what is spent on physical activities. But, is not that simple! Gaining weight is a complicated process where several factors play a great role, including:

  • Heredity factors: children who have obese parents are more likely to be obese than those who don’t have obese parents. 
  • Biological processes:  the speed of metabolism varies from one person to another and thus food is metabolized differently from one person to another.
  • Eating habits: making the child eat certain portions of food or finishing all the food given.
  • Schools environments: physical activity in some schools is not scheduled and may not include all students.
  • The absence of physical activities within the family:Children imitate their family members; if the family does not have any interest in physical activities; child will not be interested as well .

Obesity and children psychology: A child measures his weight on a weight scale

It’s more common to see an overweight child getting bullied and being at the receiving end of cruel jokes which will definitely affect his personality and it will make it harder for him to meet new friends. This will lead the child to be isolated, depressed and might miss school. Furthermore, being obese might prevent the child from enrolling in certain physical activities, making them feel more different than their peers.


First and foremost, admit that weight gain above normal rates in children is considered a health problem that needs a solution. After that , make sure to monitor the child’s eating habits and encourage him or her to maintain healthy eating habits and to avoid sweets and sugars, replacing them with healthy choices needed for their growth.

Furthermore, parents, especially mothers, should not force their children to eat more than they actually need. They should also consult professional nutritionists to discuss ideal weight gain.

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