Event Monitoring  

How to transfer a vardio call:

  • Place the Event Monitor on left side of the chest, above the heart directly, so the four metal bases come into contact with the skin firmly.
  • Press and hold the green recording button until you hear 3 beeps then a whistle.
  • Release the button and keep still until the whistle stops. Avid movement or talking during recording to lessen the artifact.
  • For any question please call (2520088-Ext. 17184-18581).

How to send recording:

  • Dial this number (2521820).
  • You will hear recordings.
  • Wait until answering machine is finished with the instructions, then give your name and the number of the recorder clearly and the symptoms such as; chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and so on.
  • Hold the mouthpiece of the telephone against the cardio call speaker.
  • Press the yellow button until hear some beeps followed by a whistle.
  • Wait until the whistle stops, and your recording is being transmitted.
  • Note:

    You can record new events again and again by the following the mentioned above steps.

How to get an Event Monitor:

  • You will be called for your appointment when an event recorder is available.
  • When you come for event recorder hook-up, please bring the following:
    • For Saudis bring an ID or an equivalent. 
    • For Non- Saudis bring an Iqama or a passport.
    • You have to pay 1000 SR as a deposit for the event recorder which will be refunded upon the return the recorder to the laboratory.
    • As for the Business Center patients they have to pay 2000 SR. One thousand Saudi Riyals for the procedure and the other is as a refundable deposit for device.
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