Protocol For Holter Removal during Thursday  

Protocol For Holter Removal during Thursday:

  • After completing the 24 hrs. Holter recording.
  • Proceed to ECG department located at the ground floor of Cardiac & Liver Building with the Holter recorder, Holter diary and Medical card.
  • Please make sure to give the Holter recorder to the ECG Technician, or wait for the technician to remove it.
  • If there is no ECG technician around, please wait in the ECG department.


The ECG technician has other duties, performing portable ECG service. You may need to wait for sometime until their rounds are finished.

For Any query, please contact the ECG technician at Tel. no. 2520088 Extension number 16996 or 16749 or page 4434. 

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07-Dec-2020 01:58 PM