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International Academy of Cytology Board Exam in KAMC Jeddah


​King Abdulaziz Medical City – Jeddah Was Chosen For 

International Academy of Cytology Board Exam For the 3rd Time

In recognition of the scientific status of King Abdulaziz Medical City - Jeddah, it was recently chosen for the third time as the center for holding the “International Academy of Cytology" board exam for health practitioners, including doctors and medical laboratory specialists on Sunday, 30th of October 2022. Worth noting that this academy holds the board exam for cytology 8 times annually in advanced medical centers all over the world, this international academy of cytology, a not for profit organization, was established in 1957, headquartered in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is considered a recognized international scientific body for this subspecialty. It includes in its membership specialists and consultants in Cytopathology, interested in Cytology as a tool for accurate and timely efficient diagnosis.  It is a non-profit scientific organization. The supervisor of the Anatomic Pathology section, Mr. Mohammad Abu Talib, stated: “Cytology is one of the branches of pathology that specializes in diagnosing cells without the need to take a tissue sample, and he also added that he feels proud of being an employee at King Abdulaziz Medical City -Jeddah and that performing this examination at our institute is choice is a leap and distinguishes us amongst international medical centers". 

Dr. Hatem Al-Maghraby, Head of Anatomical Pathology section indicated that the Pathology Division, which practices this precise specialization, has a consultants and specialists who are skilled in this science and help diagnose patients accurately. The Division has been constantly coordinating and communicating with the International Academy of Cytology, which enabled it to be the only international center that hosted the international board exam during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, despite all the challenges and necessary precautionary measures. Thanks and gratitude to Dr. Ali Al-Sharif, Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, and Dr. Majid Al-Thaqafi, Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs, for the facilities provided by King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences - Jeddah in hosting applicants for the International Board of Cytology exam. 

The Executive Director of Medical Services at the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs in the Western Sector - Dr. Mohammad bin Ahmed Al-Zahrani - explained that choosing King Abdulaziz Medical City - Jeddah as a site for the International Academy of Cytology board examination makes the health system and medical services in line with the vision and mission of excellence and continuous education and improvement in the field of laboratory medicine and Cytopathology.

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