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The Educational Awareness Day of World Infection Control Day


Specialized Polyclinic Center Activated The Educational Awareness Day of World Infection Control Day

The Specialized Polyclinic Center in Primary Health Care -Western Region, organized an educational awareness day on the occasion of World Infection Control Day under the slogan "Make your intention to fight infection," where the Preventive Medicine Department participated as school health, and advocacy in National Guard schools.

Dr. Lama Rammal – Consultant Family Medicine, Leader of Infection Prevention Committee, said that this event is being organized in order to activate health awareness programs in the field of infection control with a belief in its role in community service and health education. Awareness has an effective and important role in prevention, especially since many medical studies in the field emphasize that spreading health awareness contributes significantly and effectively to reducing complications.Dr. Rammal indicated that a medical exhibition was organized inside the Specialized Polyclinics Center, in which many departments participated in order to educate the public about the protocol on hand hygiene, adult vaccination, antibiotic resistance, and awareness of the most infectious diseases. She also indicated that the most important goals for the week of infection control are: awareness of the importance of infection control in health facilities: improving behavior and achieving safer and high-quality health care practices; as well as the participation of health care staff in infection prevention to reduce transmission .

From her side, Dr. Rammal sends thanks and appreciation to Dr. Saad Al-Ghamdi - Deputy Executive Director, Medical Services for Primary Health Care WR, Dr. Jumana Khoja, Deputy Executive Director, Community Medicine in Primary Health Care; the Nursing Supervisor, Mrs. Samra Al-Mastadi; and all members of the Infection Control Team for the support that was provided for the success of this program.

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