​The Goal is to Raise The Level of Preparedness in Encountering with these Incidents

King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Ahsa Implements a Fire Incident Drill

Fire Fighting Department arriving and dealing with the accidentThe Safety Department and Fire Department at King Abdulaziz Hospital of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa established a mock drill of a highly toxic hazardous chemical spillage in one of the hospital’s pharmacy sections, as part of the hospital training programs and activities periodically. Executive Regional Director Dr. Ahmed Al-Arfaj pointed out that "these drills that we are keen to establish from time to time and reflect the employees' readiness to encounter such incidents, so we carry out several exercises to reach the required level of safety."

He said, "We are looking forward for all employees to reach high readiness in encountering accidents of various levels, and the training that we carry out takes place in a discreet and sudden manner, and committees of evaluation and monitoring are formed to ensure that readiness is measured," adding, "Our employees are highly skilled in dealing with hazards and accidents, and this is due to extensive training throughout the year.”

Fire Fighting Department arriving and dealing with the accidentThe scenario prepared for the drill was completed after carefully studying it to get the required results, and it began after one of the internal pharmacy staff members caused the spill accident after he unintentionally hit his colleague who was transporting a dangerous and highly toxic chemical, so that three employees were injured, one in the face and another in the foot, and the third of is in a Suffocation condition, the incident was immediately reported and announced to reach the Fire Fighting Department and deal with the accident to transfer the injured to the emergency department.

The pharmacy staff dealt with the incident by following the required safety procedures before the arrival of the control teams, and the accident led according to the prepared scenario, then suddenly one of the devices was damaged and the fire broke out in it, so that the firefighting teams had two accidents, one of which was the injury of toxic substances, and the other the outbreak of a fire, so that the teams could reach quickly and in a timely manner.

Upon their arrival, the firefighters prepared a sterilization tent and the other procedures followed, then they evacuated the place from all staff and sterilization procedures were carried out to ensure that there are no other spills or hazardous materials remaining, and the Safety Department and the Fire Fighting Department are committed to establish such drills periodically To raise the level of full preparedness in the event of such incidents in the future.

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