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Breastfeeding Counseling Course


Breastfeeding Counseling Course

Location: KSAU-HS, AD Building – AlAhsa

Date: 05 - 09 June 2022

Region: AlAhsa

Start Time: 08:00 AM

End Time: 05:00 PM

Category: Training (Targeting Health Professionals)

Main Information


  1. To promote, support and protect Breastfeeding.

  2. To extend and update participant's technical knowledge of lactation and the evidence base of international policy recommendations on infant and young child feeding.

  3. To develop participant's capacity to implement policies and strategies to improve infant feeding in their work areas.

  4. To enhance participant's practical skills of working with mothers and babies, acting as resource personnel or focal points on infant feeding.



  • Why breastfeeding is important

  • Local breastfeeding situation

  • How breastfeeding work

  • Assessing breast feeding

  • Listening and learning Skills

  • Counseling skills Healthcare practice

  • Positioning a baby at breast

  • Commercial promotion of breastmilk substitutes

  • Building confidence and giving support

  • Breast conditions

  • Refusal to breastfeed

  • Mother friendly birth practice

  • Taking breastfeeding history

  • Breast Examination

  • Expressing breastmilk and storage milk

  • Implementation promote breast feeding in pregnancy

  • Not enough milk

  • Crying baby

  • Counselling

  • Complementary feeding

  • Low-birth weight and sick babies

  • Increasing breast milk and Relactation

  • Sustaining breastfeeding

  • Changing practices

  • Women's Nutrition, Health And Fertility

  • Women and work

Workshops (Clinical Practice):

  • Listening and learning Skills

  • Observing and ass breast feed

  • Building confidence and giving support

  • Positioning baby at breast

  • Taking a breastfeeding history

  • Counseling mothers in different situation

  • Presentation of lectures by Trainees


  • Dr. Amal Tayyib

  • Dr. Faeda Almoshawer

  • Dr. Ghanima AlZaher

  • Dr. Hanan AlJubran

  • Dr. Mai AlAmiri

  • Dr. Nora AlKharji

  • Ms. Monirah AlGhoraibi

  • Ms. Zahra AlBasri

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4/13/2022 12:07 PM