Diabetes Awareness in King Abdulaziz Hospital - Al-Ahsa

Diabetes Awareness in King Abdulaziz Hospital - Al-AhsaDiabetes Department in King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Ahsa held a diabetes awareness exhibition with the participation of several departments and sections. corresponding to World Diabetes Day. The Regional Executive Director of Health Affairs in National Guard -Eastern Province Dr. Ahmad Arfaj stated that “this event comes after a series of programs and events that raises the community’s awareness levels about diabetes which has become the next threat to the world”. 

He added:” the exhibition focused on raising the awareness levels of all family members about its dangers, causes and treatment methods. In addition, the campaign also emphasized the optimal method of a healthy lifestyle covering exercising, nutrition and early periodic examinations.

The exhibition included several activities, including blood tests and vital signs checkups, education section for children with diabetics, vaccinations, and hand hygiene, as well as a question and answer covering 350 visitors.

Some participants discovered the possibility of getting diabetes after undergoing medical tests and checkups due to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise and consuming fast food.

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17-Dec-2018 04:15 PM