​Conclusion of Health Military Unit Program With a Participation of 41 Military Units

health military unit 

The Health Military Unit Program/ WR has concluded its yearly round sessions. This year sessions of the program have launched a competition between military units in WR aiming a high standard of environmental health practices. It began with a training course provided to 41 paramedics chosen from all participated units, where all required skills and basics in preventive health and environmental safety were covered. Then the qualified paramedics were involved vastly in conducting field inspective visits for the military units. Several visits were conducted to each military unit during the period of the competition. The visits included activities such as; site inspection, food and water safety, improvement recommendations, reporting incidents, and technical supports. In the final stage of this competition, a specialized team form Department of Infection Prevention and Control and Field Medical Military Unit were assigned to assess all work done in military units and evaluate all the 41 units in terms of best performance.

  • The military units were evaluated on:
  • Safety of drinking water and water used for ablution.
  • Safety of storing food.
  • General cleaning, pest control, and garbage disposal.
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