​Biochemical Molecular Genetics Laboratory Services in MNG-HA

​Biochemical Molecular Genetics Laboratory Services in MNG-HA 

Biochemical Molecular Genetics Laboratory provides optimal services to different specialties inside and outside King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh. The lab mainly focuses on offering the most recent molecular technologies in genetic testing; from targeting testing for common genetic diseases to whole genome sequencing in order to establish a diagnosis. The section is also attentive to professional growth for all staff members and knowledge transfer amongst colleagues in other departments through several educational activities. 

Offered services:

  • Familial Segregation Analysis

  • Targeted variant testing for common disorders in Saudi Arabia:

    • SLC19A3  (C.1264A>G) p.Thr422Ala                             

    • TALDO1 (C.793delC) p.Gln265ArgfsX56                         

Contact us:

  • Adders: King Abdulaziz Medical City- Riyadh, Central Lab, Second Floor

  • Phone: +966-11-8011111 (ext. 13528 / 13581)


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