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MNGHA Awareness campaign of care of elderly


MNGHA Awareness campaign of care of elderly

Under the auspices of Executive Director, Medical Services in Riyadh Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Saawi and Chairman of the Internal Medicine Department Dr. Saleh Bin Saleh, MNGHA launched awareness campaign for elderly care. The theme of the campaign is Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World.

The division of Geriatrics medicine in the internal medicine department set up a comprehensive multidisciplinary team including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutritional services, social services, nursing, and patient experience in the Ambulatory Care Center hall at KAMC-RD.

The aim is to interact with patients and increase their awareness of the health services available for them and to the society so elderly will maintain healthy aging. The Physiotherapy provided education about falls prevention and Nutritional services about healthy diet and supplements. Nursing, patient experience and social services shared with the visitors the role of elderly in our community and their rights to save their dignity and health.

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11/2/2022 3:43 PM