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Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital in Madinah celebrates the International Day of the Premature Child


Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital in Madinah Celebrates the International Day of the Premature Child

Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital for Health Affairs of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (MNGHA) in Madinah celebrated the International Day for the Premature newborn, which was organized by the Neonatal Intensive Care Department of the Nursing Services Department by holding an integrated awareness exhibition in the main lobby of the hospital, which included many specialized awareness pavilions to raise awareness about childcare Preterm infants and the challenges of premature birth. The exhibition aimed to educate visitors by presenting educational pamphlets about premature babies and presenting gifts to visitors.

Mr. Salah Al-Harbi, Acting Deputy Executive Director of Operations for Support Services, and Dr. Sahl Khushal, Acting Deputy Executive Director of Operations for Support Services, launching the activity in the presence of the Assistant Executive Director for Nursing Services, Mr. Zaid Al-Zu'bi, and several directors of departments and heads of departments.

During the tour, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit staff presented the awareness exhibition with a detailed explanation of the services provided to premature babies and methods of caring for them. The team reviewed the latest medical equipment and devices used in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In addition to explaining the importance of breastfeeding and educating the mothers on how to preserve and transport breast milk properly, and emphasizing the importance of following up with the child after his discharge from neonatal intensive care and completing all vaccinations on time. The exhibition included awareness and entertainment activities for premature babies who were previously cared for at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital from the beginning of their birth to the completion of their growth and discharge from the hospital, where they and their families were honored.

The Director of Nursing at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Ms. Maha Abdullah, expressed her thanks and gratitude to the guests of the activity, extending her appreciation to MNGHA for the continuous support that contributed to providing health care services to the newborn category with the highest levels of quality and health safety.

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