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The Department of Anesthesiology, King Abdulaziz National Guard Health Affairs – Eastern Region (NGHA-ER) was commissioned on October 2002. Dynamic in nature it was established with patient focused service and is actively responsive to the continuous scientific changes as well as offers a high standard patient care and good educational opportunity for medical students and residents.

The Anesthesiology Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest anesthesia for each patient. Our staff consists of 5 consultants including the chairman, 4 staff physicians, 3 residents and 7 anesthesia technicians who have dedicated themselves to provide care and service with the highest standards in quality and patient care in anesthesia, pain management as well as critical care and administered anesthesia with safety as a high priority.

The Anesthesiology Department provides coverage for more than 5000 anesthetic procedures in 5 operating rooms each year. Anesthesia is administered for all types of surgeries, including cardiac, neurological, cranio-facial and spine operations as well as certain radiological, medical and dental procedures. Pre-operative medial/surgical evaluations, regional and general anesthetics, labor epidurals, post operative pain management, chronic pain management and emergency services are provided by the Department as well.  It provides a wide range of clinical anesthesia services in both in-patient and out patient settings, including in the Labor and Delivery Room and Pain Management Clinic.

Consultations are performed for severe pain problems (chronic pain clinic, sedation for radiology imaging and complex medical problems before surgery (pre- anesthesia consultation). The Department is giving the same standard of anesthesiological care for healthy and critically ill children in the operating theatre and the staff members are helping each other as a team to protect delicate infants and children undergoing surgical and diagnostic procedures and devoting their attention and skills to provide comfort to patients and their relative.

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