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The Emergency Department (ED) Team consists of dedicated, highly skilled, multinational and multicultural personnel who work together to meet your emergency health needs.

The Team is made up of:

Acting Chairman: Dr. Rifat Rehmani


  • Dr. Mohammed Mazen
  • Dr. Elhag Elbashir Noureldaim
  • Dr. Hashim Taha (Associate)
  • Staff Physicians – 17 physicians
  • Emergency Medical Technicians – 4 technicians
  • Ambulance Drivers – 8 drivers

There are 60 Nursing Services members and they include:

  • Nurse Manager – Mr. Yousuf Abu Rawaq
  • Staff Nurses
  • Unit Receptionists/Translators

Many of the Staffs are non-Arabic speaking, so in order to facilitate care and communication, we make use of the skills of an Interpreter. The Interpreters are experienced in understanding and communicating medical and nursing terminology.

The Patient Services Officer is a resource and liaison person available to facilitate your visit. Other hospital personnel may be included in providing your care and may include; radiographers, respiratory therapists, specialist physicians, consultants or technicians.

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