​Home Health Care

Home healthcare is a new service started this year under the management of the Executive Deputy Director, Medical Services, Al Hasa. The office is situated outside ER in Porta-Cabin 2.


  • To ensure continuity of care
  • To educate, train and care for patients
  • To educate and support (empower) the Patient' Family, Sitter or Caretaker (appropriate education and training)
  • To provide cost effective service
  • To reduce unnecessary visits and admissions to ER
  • To reduce average length of stay in hospital (ALOF)
  • To prevent complications, initiate early rehabilitation to obtain optimal function.

Criteria of acceptance:

  • Wound Care Patients
  • Diabetes Mellitus Patients
  • Palliative Care Patients (frail care, Bedridden patients)
  • Patients Under Warfarin Management
  • Ventilator Dependant Patients
  • Daily IV patients

Provision of Service:

  • Home Health Care Staff visit patients at home to:
  • Assess the patients needs- emotional, physical, social, spiritual, safety, financial and nutritional aspect (multi-disciplinary approaches)
  • Teach the family and patient to become as knowledgeable and independent as possible. (Teaching includes signs and symptoms, risk factors, Management, possible complications and prevention)
  • Cope with the impairment or disability
  • Monitor and evaluate the clinical situation and management of chronic disease.

Transportation of Intravenous Therapy:

The Intravenous therapy is collected from inpatient pharmacy by the Staff Nurse responsible for IV’s and transported under a temperature controlled system and given to the patient at home according to the NGHA Nursing IV Policy and Procedure and JCI standards

Information about HHC in Al Ahsa since the services started:

Presently 22 patients are cared for by the Home Health Care staff.

The service started with one patient. The first HHC visit was conducted on 16 July 2008. Sine July until the present the HHC received thirty eight (38) referrals from Hospital wards, OPD and PHC.  81. 6% of the total referrals are accepted to the services under the following criteria: Five (5) patients for IVI, Six(6) Diabetic Care, Six(6) CVA, three Oncology (palliative Care)Three (3) Respiratory Care and Eight (8)patients for wound care.

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