Education Services   


Director Nursing Education: Karen Cairney

  • To promote, facilitate and provide nurses with learning opportunities aimed at enhancing the quality and safety of patient care through best practices.
  • To provide high quality evidence-based nursing education based on research, innovation and collaboration in support of the vision of the NGHA.

Key Activities:

  • General Nursing Orientation.
  • Orientation for Unit Assistants.
  • Facilitate and Coordinate Mandatory Certification Courses.
  • Develop and present workshops for Nursing Staff.
  • Development of Self-study modules.
  • In-service Education.
  • Nurse Internship Program.
  • Nurse Residency Program.
  • Maintain records of current license and education database of Nursing Staff.
  • Information Management.
  • Staff Development:

All nursing units provide ongoing professional development for staff. For example:

  •  Unit Specific Orientation.
  • Self-study modules.
  • Area specific competencies.
  • Workshops and Mandatory In-services.
  • Participation in QIP programs.
  • Participation in self-evaluation.
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