​Patient Relations

a visitor standing at the Patient Relations office talking to staff membersPatient Relations Department is organized in response to the need to streamline the Patient Relations Activities and be more responsive to the needs of the patients. This standing department will expand to include King Abdulaziz Medical City and the major Primary Health Care Specialty Center in the Central and Eastern Region. Patient Relations Department reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, National Guard Health Affairs.

Our mission is as an advocate for the patients to ensure that patients and their families get the best available service at King Abdulaziz Medical City and the main Primary Health Care Centers in the Central and Eastern Regions. In addition the department provides Health Affairs Administration with information and suggestions that will help in improving services provided at these facilities.


Additionally, it assists patients by providing them and their families with information and services needed during their hospitalization and on their visits to Ambulatory Care Clinic or Specialized Health Care Centers.  The Patient Relations Department has prepared the necessary forms and brochures for patient and sitters guidance and education. These forms and brochures were circulated in all the wards and different areas inside the hospital.

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30-Nov-2020 01:45 PM