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Social Services

The Social Services Department is a composite part of the entire health care team of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, King Abdulaziz Medical City (MNGHA-KAMC).

The Department exist mainly to help out the patient including his family; to be aware of his state of health; to be able to live out his particular illness; to cooperate with the MNGHA-KAMC health care team in the process of giving relief to such illness; to identify the needs of the  patients; make known to the MNGHA-KAMC health care staff such needs  and enable the patient and his family to meet such necessities. In the process, the department helps the whole institution in attaining the highest possible level of patient service and care.


It is our mission to assist the multidisciplinary Health Care Team in providing comprehensive health care services for the patients, families and NGHA personnel by recognizing and dealing with his/her social and psychological needs.  Well trained social worker offers efficient and effective service to endure that patients, families and NGHA personnel receive the highest quality of care.


  • To be a leading Department in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia performing Social Work profession in liaison with all medical team professionals.

  • To provide excellent social services delivered by a skilled and valued workforce.  

  • To apply new approaches and technologies to advance patient care

  • Setting high standard of training for University students in Social Work field.


  1. To solve patients and families social problems in order to benefit the most from their treatment.

  2. Participation in health programs and educating public by holding International day and/or any event related to illnesses and how to cope on it. 

  3.  Enhance hospital coverage rate of Social Workers and provide adequate support to patient needs

  4. Communicate and coordinate fully with the patient and  Health Care Team within proper time frame.

  5. Develop appropriate social work training program for University students.

  6. Ensure that employees possess the required knowledge and skills to do their job efficiently and effectively.

  7. Improve Department positions in the management level to provide strategic support for staff.

Programs provided

  1. Support Group Therapy (i.e. Burn Unit Patients, Dialysis Patient, Long-term Patients).

  2. Provide Educational Teaching Program to Long-Term Patients.

  3. Education Teaching Program to Cancer Patients.

  4. Educational and Recreational Activities for Pediatric Patients.

  5. Mother and Child Educational Program.

  6. International Days for all Patients.

Education and Training

  • Provide continues  Training Program for Students from different Universities.

  • Mother and Child Education Program with Child Care Association.

  • Association in providing training at the Covid-19 Vaccination Center/Hub.

Achievements and Awards

  1. Delivered more housing options for patients and families coming from outside Riyadh as momentary shelter.

  2. Provide Medical Equipment’s  for needy patients who cannot afford.

  3. Provide financial assistant to needy patients through internal assessment and referral to Patient Friends Committee.

  4. Conduct Support Group Therapy for patients and families.

  5. Implement long term patients education Program and schooling.

  6. Continuous Virtual call to connect admitted patients to his/her family at home.

  7. Professional Development of the Oncology Specialist in coordination with SANAD (WEBINAR) 

  8. Successful opening of iPads and Electronic Games with the participation of the Royal Highnesses and His Excellency Dr. Bandar Al Knawy, Chief Executive Officer, MNGHA. 


Ms. Mashael Al Shobaily

Department Contact Information 

Department Email: MNGHA-KAMC:


Department Extensions

Social Services MNGHA-KAMC : 12022/10152/14642

Social Services KASCH: 52073 ​​​

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