a banner photo representing Cochlear Implant and Middle Ear Implant Program

Cochlear Implant and Middle Ear Implant Program, King Abdulaziz Medical City

  • The program was first established in late 2008.

  • More than 80 implants have been done.

  • It involves a team with 15 different specialties.

  • Our institution had been the first in Middle East to implant the smallest cochlear implant device in the world.

  • The only center which do simultaneous Bilateral Cochlear Implant surgeries.

  • Our Cochlear and Middle Ear Implant program is considered to be the most comprehensive program in the region.

  • Complete Rehabilitation Program is available after implantation.

  • Newborn Hearing Screening Program is considered one of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

  • Over 8000 newborn has been screened so far.


The services that the Cochlear Implant program offers are:

  • Providing resource information regarding cochlear implants and other hearing implants.

  • Determining if a patient is a candidate for a cochlear implant and other hearing implants.

  • Providing cochlear implant and other hearing implants surgery for accepted candidates.

  • Providing ongoing programming of the cochlear implant and other hearing implants.

  • Collaborating with the rehabilitation programs and community professionals working with these implanted patients in another city.



To maximize the auditory potential of children and adults with hearing loss to achieve an enhanced quality of life.



Prevalence and impact of hearing, speech, and language disorders is reduced.



  • Respect religious, social and ethic values.
  • Quality patient care.
  • Service excellence.
  • Standardized and improve quality performance.
  • Research and academic leadership.

Future Plans:

  • The implementation of research studies.
  • The introduction of the smallest and thinnest cochlear implant device.
  • The conduction of a national screening for the hearing impaired
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