King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center  

The King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center (KACC) is located within the King Abdulaziz medical City (KAMC) complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The center has one of the most comprehensive programs for the management of heart problems in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region. This internationally accredited center provides a complete range of high quality cardiac services to both adults and children.

KACC participates in training students King Saud bin Abdulaziz Health Sciences Medical School and has accredited programs for the postgraduate training of Saudi doctors, nurses and technical staff.  

The center offers a full range of cardiac services.  A variety of advanced technologies have improved the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.  These tools have improved communication, automated processes, monitor activities and help the center meet and exceed Joint Commission International (JCI) mandated standards.

KACC started operations in 1999 and moved to a dedicated center in 2002. In 2010 the center opened a major expansion which provides dedicated facilities for cardiac disease management, much improved outpatient facilities and additional beds. The center continues to expand and improve each day continuing to meet its mission and responsibility to provide quality cardiac care to a rapidly growing population.  

To meet these growing responsibilities, the facility currently operates 4 State of the Art Catheterization Laboratories, 4 Operating Rooms (OR’s) and a growing number of beds and cardiac related support services. The new east wing which opened in 2010 has three 3,400m2 floors (10,000+ m2) that include 75 telemetry new beds and an enhanced outpatient facility. Clinics and diagnostic facilities are now fully operational and nearly half of the beds are now in use. The remaining beds will open soon when staffing and other preparations are completed. As of November 2010 a total of 101 beds were operational. 45 of these beds are Intensive care including a Medical Cardiac ICU, Cardiac Surgical ICU, Pediatric Cardiac ICU and a Coronary Care Unit.

While facilities are a critical part of providing care in the end it is the people that make the difference. The care of patients is a team effort. Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Anesthetists , Nurses, Perfusionists, Respiratory Therapists and a wide range of other clinical and administrative support staff are responsible for the success of any program. All of these team members in this cardiac program are appreciated, valued and most important, critical to success the program has achieved.

The cardiac program has two distinct populations it serves, adult and pediatric each with their own highly specialized teams of cardiologists, surgeons, anesthetists nurses and other professionals.

The Pediatric Cardiac team provides exceptionally high quality care. The state of the art facilities support these highly trained and experienced care providers, many of whom are regional leaders in research and education. The team organizes regional workshops that have grown in popularity each year. The center continues to attract and retain highly skilled surgeons, cardiologists and nurses keen to participate in this very successful program. This environment is ideal for the young pediatric cardiac fellows that come to study at the center’s accredited program. 

The Adult Cardiac team has earned an excellent reputation which is reflected in large number of referral patients seeking care in this hospital. The facilities are state of the art and staff of the highest caliber.  This large and growing program has attracted some of the top talent in the world. The team is working systematically to further develop the vast clinical and research potential this clinical service and to expand on the training mission, which currently includes an accredited fellowship program and accredited technician training program. This team also organizes regional workshops that have grown in popularity each year.

KACC has an advanced Nurse-Based Physician-supervised CHF and Atherosclerosis clinic. This comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program is unique to this region and is serving as a model for other centers.  A recent quality review showed that the CHF program significantly reduced premature death and improved the quality of life.  Expanding on the great success of these well established prevention programs, a pioneering research program for pilot national project for genetic cascade screening and home based disease management of Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) was recently approved. Support for this project is a reflection of the forward thinking of KAMC leadership, The King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC)  and the cardiac center in their efforts to support and deliver, evidence based, focused, high impact cardiac disease prevention programs to the people of Saudi Arabia at the national level. 

Technical innovation is a key component in improving the treatment of cardiac disease. The cardiac center has a comprehensive data driven reporting system that automatically sends information from cardiac systems to the Quadramed electronic medical record. In addition, this system manages information that is a key supporting role in department quality improvement and research activities. Such systems reduce error, improve the speed of communication and provide patients with more accurate, rapid care which is essential in the modern treatment of cardiac disease.

An ICU chartless system-ICIP is now implemented in all cardiac intensive care areas and the operating room.  This critical care system automatically collects a wide range of vital information from multiple monitors and insure that this information flows seamlessly from care in the operating room to the intensive care unit and ultimately to the electronic medical records system, Quadramed. A great team effort involving Cardiac PACS, ISD, ISID, CIMS and others has made the development of ICIP and the reporting systems possible and successful and full appreciation of the many hundreds of hours that teams of engineers and others worked that made this possible is recognized and appreciated.

Education and research is a priority with ongoing programs and new initiatives reflecting the interests of the growing staff. The center produces many publications annually and there are ample opportunities for staff to participate in regional and international studies. The center has been selected as a regional lead investigator site for studies reflecting a growing regional leadership role in cardiac research. 



Dr.Muayed Al Zaibag

Deputy Chairman:

 Dr.Hani Najim

  • Division Of Adult Cardiology

(ext. 16751, 16594)

    • Muayed Al Zaibag, Chairman 
    • Mohamad Bassam Bdeir, Consultant,  Director- Cardiac Clinics & Disease Management Programs
    • Mohammad Al Ghamdi, Consultant, Echo,  Program Director, Fellowship & Training Program
    • Ahmed Omran, Head Section -Non Invasive Lab
    • Mouaz Al Mallah, Section Head, Cardiac Imaging
    • Ahmed Saileek, Consultant ,  MRI/CT/Echo
    • Mohsen Al Harthi, Consultant, MRI/CT/Echo
    • Moneim Alaa, Consultant/Echo
    • Mohd Al Balgaith, Consultant, Director, Cardiac Cath Lab
    • Abdulmohsen Al Musaad, Consultant /EP
    • Ali Al Ghamdi, Consultant, Interventional
    • Kamal Ayoub, Consultant, Interventional
    • Basil Saeed, Consultant, Interventional
    • Sherif, Zeinelabdin Consultant
  • Division Of Cardiac Surgery (ext. 16783, 16616)

    • Hani Najm, Deputy Chairman & Section Head

    • Abdulaziz Al Khaldi, Consultant

    • Ahmed Arifi Consultant

    • Abdullah Al Ghamdi,  Consultant

  • Division Of Pediatric Cardiology

 (ext. 16770, 16771)

    • Riyadh Abu-Sulaiman,Consultant, Section Head

    • Fahad Al Habshan, Consultant MRI/CT/Echo  Program Director, Fellowship & Training Program

    • Omar Al Tamimi,  Consultant, Interventional

    • Mansour Al Mutairi, Consultant, Interventional

  • Division Of Pediatric Cardiac  ICU

(ext. 16051)

    • Mohamad Kabbani,  Section Head
    • Mahmoud El Barbary,Consultant
    • Omar Hijaz, Consultant
    • Sameh Ismail,  Consultant 
  • Division Of Critical Care

 (ext. 16594)

  • Arif Hussain, Head Critical Care Unit
  • Syed Nasir Mustafa, Consultant


Contact us:

  • Phone Number: +966-11-8011111
  • Adult Cardiology 16751
  • Pediatric Cardiology 16770
  • Cardiac Surgery 16783
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