Department of Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant  

internal body anatomy highlighting the liver
Since the inauguration of the Liver Transplant Program at KAMC in 1994 it is expanding constantly. Its active staff and cases being treated are in a constant increase. It has expanded to include the surgical operations and necessary interferes for liver, gallbladder, pancreatic diseases. Such increasing activities necessitated the establishment of a new Center to satisfy the program’s expansion and the pressure from all facilities Kingdom wide. In 2001 Hepatobiliary Sciences & Liver Transplant was transferred to its new Center.

Services provided by the center:

The Center comprises an admission suite for investigation, treatment and surgical operations for liver cases, e.g. tumor excision and liver transplantation. It comprises out-patient clinics with its ancillary services in which the referred patients are screened and followed up. The Center receives hundreds of medical reports for review and provids consultation either to the patients or the referring centers Kingdom wide. Therefore, the Center is serving the Kingdom as being a main center for treating liver diseases, as it comprises qualified staff in the different fields related to adult and pediatric hepatology, including liver transplantation and Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary surgeries.


The Center developed many important programs e.g. liver transplant program through brain-death donors, or partial-liver transplant from living-related donors, from patient’s relatives.

Kidney transplant Achievements:

  • Achieved the highest number of kidney transplants ever done in this hospital and more than double what it was 5 years ago.

  • Improved integration of the Hepatology service into the department.

  • Significant improvement of the interpersonal harmony between the staff in the department and with all other departments in the hospital. This is evident by testimony of many departments and medical staff.

  • The department was (and still is) a major contributor in the successful JCI accreditation process.


Chairman: Dr. Abdulmajeed Al Abdulkareem

Deputy Chairman:  Dr. Khalid Omar Al Abdullah

  • Hepatobiliary Consultants:

    • Dr. Abdaalah Wasim  Khan

    • Dr. Wael Al O'Hali

    • Dr. Mohamad Noureddin Almarastani

  • Hepatology Consultants:
    • Dr. Ibrahim  Al Traif
    • Dr. Abdulrahman Al Jumah
    • Dr. Abduljaleel Al Alwan

Contact us:

Phone number: +966-11-8011111 ext: 16791

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