Long Term and Extended Care Center  


As a strategy to enhance the level of care to patients who may need extended care but do not need to occupy acute hospital beds, a brand new facility was established in a new two storey building adjacent to King Abdulaziz Medical City and was officially opened on May 2002.

The Home Health Care Program is playing a major role in providing a high standard medical, psychological, and nursing care for already discharged long-term care patients.

Transitional Care Unit

The Transitional Care Unit in Ward 22 consists of 26 beds, usually provides medical chronic complex type of care (Chronic Ventilation, Hemodialysis, Tracheostomy, and Wound Care) to medically stable patients who step down from the acute bed setting and yet need some time in a sub-acute care setting in order to maximize their physical function and promote possible independence if any.  

Rehabilitation Unit

The Rehabilitation Unit in Ward 23 consists of 18 beds and it provides care for neurosurgery and medical patients who require rehabilitation.

Long-term Care Unit

The Long-Term Care Unit in Ward 24 consists of 44 beds. It provides basic nursing and medical care for patients whose clinical condition is stable, chronic, terminal or non curable. These patients have marked mental and physical impairment and lack adequate socioeconomic and family support that is needed for home discharge.

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