Department of Surgery  

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Our mission is to strive for excellence in the surgical management of all our patients ensuring patient safety, patient satisfaction and teaching residents to meet their future needs.

To achieve our goals and objectives, we adapted the concept of shared decision-making to collect the responsibility of individuals, team accountability and professional collegiality. Furthermore, the Department of Surgery's eleven Divisions has been very pro-active and resourceful in which we are extremely proud of the Division's accomplishments for their continuing efforts and collaborative support. 

We believe that the Department of Surgery possesses an immense potential which allows us to survive some minor and major setbacks, but remain positive and strong, with a hope that we will continue to work hard to carry on with the ongoing process of striving for excellence!


  • Division ENT Surgery
  • Division of General Surgery
  • Division Neurosurgery
  • Division of Ophthalmology
  • Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Division of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Division of Pediatric Surgery
  • Division of Plastic Surgery
  • Division of Thoracic Surgery
  • Division Urology Surgery
  • Division of Vascular Surgery
  • Podiatric Surgery Unit


Chairman: Dr. Saleh Al Azzam

Deputy Chairman: Dr. Zeyad Al Yousef

  • ENT:

    • Dr. Mohammad Al Zuwayed
    • Dr. Mohammed Al Jomiey
    • Dr. Abdulrahman Al Fayez
    • Dr. Sameer Bahkaly
    • Dr. Khalid Al Mazrou
    • Dr. Mohammed Nasser
  • General Surgery:

    • Dr. Saad Al Shehri
    • Dr. Sami Abd El Keriem Boghdadly
    • Dr. Khalid Al Bedah
    • Dr. Zeyad Al Yousef
    • Dr. Manal Al Zaid
    • Dr. Heythem Abdullah Al Zamel
    • Dr. Ali Audah Al Zahrani
    • Dr. Nizar Yamani
  • Neurosurgery:

    • Dr. Ahmed Al Ferayan
    • Dr. Abdulaziz Al Arifi
    • Dr. Neville Russell
    • Dr. Mohammed Al Wohaibi
    • Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Halawani
  • Ophthalmology:

    • Dr. Khalid Al Jobair
    • Dr. Dawood El Hemaid Al Rashed
    • Dr. Abdulaziz Al Howass
    • Dr. Tariq Al Debasi
    • Dr. Osama Alem
    • Dr. Eaid Al Sadoon
    • Dr. Saeed Hassanyh
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery:

    • Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed
    • Dr. Othman Al Tuwairgi
  • Orthopedic Surgery:

    • Dr. Saleh Al Azzam
    • Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ammari
    • Dr. Saad Al Mohrij
    • Dr. Ahmad Al Khelaifi
    • Dr. Ayman Jawadi
    • Dr. Wael Taha
    • Dr. Mazen Hunaishel
    • Dr. Bader Nayef Al Otaibi
    • Dr. Sami Ibrahim Al Eissa
    • Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al Turki
    • Dr. Yaser Al Behairy
  • Pediatric Surgery:

    • Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah
    • Dr. Saud Al Jadaan
    • Dr. Stanley Crankson
    • Dr. Mohammed Al Namshan
    • Dr. Mohammed Zamakhshary
  • Plastic Surgery:

    • Dr. Manaf Azzawi
    • Dr. Abdullah Al Namlah
    • Dr. Abdulrahman Al Ghazi
    • Dr. Abdullah Al Thunayan
    • Dr. Mohammed Al Qattan
  • Podiatric Surgery:

    • Dr. Abdulaziz Al Gannass
  • Thoracic Surgery:

    • Dr. Mohammed Al Abdullatief
    • Dr. Nizar Yamani
  • Urology:

    • Dr. Ahmad Al Shammari
    • Dr. Nasser Mansour Al Bqami
    • Dr. Mostafa Mansi
    • Dr. Hamoud Ali Matrafi Al Arman
  • Vascular Surgery:

    • Dr. Saud Al Turki
    • Dr. Abdullah Al Wahbi
    • Dr. Hussein Kohlani
    • Dr. Abdelrahman Yassin Kaialy


  • Twin surgeries.
  • Expansion of Day Surgery Cases.
  • Establishment of Robotic Surgery.

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