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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a high incidence of inherited Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders as proven by many studies and publications from several medical centers from around the Kingdom.


The incidence of metabolic disorders is around 4 times than those in the USA & Germany. Unpublished data showed the incidence ratio of 1:789.If not diagnosed and treated early, many of these disorders carry serious clinical consequences for the affected neonates or young infants, which include mental retardation, physical handicap or death. Therefore, NBS program was implemented at National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) in order to improve the outcome of these children’s treatment and reduce the mortality and morbidity.

Program’s Objective:

The NBS Program aims to provide screening services for all the newborn babies born in all NGHA Hospitals and facilities around the kingdom.

Last Modified

12/26/2020 4:39 PM