Home Healthcare Program


The HHC program, as an extension of the health service provision to the KAMC community strives to provide optimal,a doctor treating a patient's hand

cost-effective, quality and safe healthcare to homebound patients to reduce extended hospital stay.


Divisions and Staff:

  • Nursing: Ward care, palliative care, diabetic follow up, and anticoagulation follow-up.

  • Respiratory Care:  Patient monitoring and patient monitoring training for self-management.

  • Medical Services: Patient follow up or emergency care.

  • Social Services: Intervention for social problems. 

  • Dietetics: Monitor nutritional needs.

  • IV Therapy Program: Daily visits to give antibiotics at home.


Chief: Dr. Haifaa Al Watban


  • Provision of quality holistic and safe patient care.

  • Establishment of specialty nursing teams.

  • Reduction of unnecessary hospital visits by patients.

  • Promotion of HHC services in the hospital units.

Contact us

  • Phone: +966-11-8011111 ext. 13567

  • Fax: +966-11-8011111  ext. 13557

  • Mail code: 2243

  • Email: hhc1@ngha.med.sa


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