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King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital


To become the Kingdom’s flagship pediatric tertiary hospital, delivering exemplary care to every child.


To provide comprehensive pediatric care that recognizes the unique needs of every child. The cornerstone of healthcare rests in its ethos of continuous improvement, education, research, child advocacy and management.

About us

King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital (KASCH) is the Kingdom’s first and most advance hospital providing tertiary pediatric care. Through a system of advanced technology, every patient’s file is digitalized, electronically processed and maintained.

We are the only hospital in the Kingdom that is exclusively devoted to the care of child. Providing pioneering, cutting edge technology and lifesaving treatment for the sickest, most seriously injured children. Offering a range of treatment modalities, including acute care service, research, mental health services and rehabilitation.

We provide state-of-the-art oncology and hematology care as we provide patients with cancer and blood disorders personalized, patient-centered and family oriented, multidisciplinary care that is outcome and value-driven, enhanced by innovative and practice-based research in an academic environment.

We bring together a multidisciplinary team of physicians, caregivers and support staff, and offer a variety of integrated, disease-focused services that encompass the entire continuum of cancer care, from prevention to diagnosis to treatment to survivorship

Since 2015, we have worked to inspire people and communities to join our quest and raise the bar of children’s health care. We aim to change the lives of families today by enabling new programs that deliver compassionate care tailored to the needs of children, applying the latest innovations and equipment. Your support will change the lives of families tomorrow and help shape what child health can become, by fueling research aimed at conquering and ultimately preventing childhood diseases. Our children are our future.


KASCH is dedicated to improving health outcomes for children and their families in an innovative, compassionate, responsible, effective and efficient manner.

Providing a distinctive childcare is at the heart of everything we do. We embrace diversity, transparency, and accountability through a robust and transparent platform of leadership.

Strategic direction

  • World-Class Care and Cutting-Edge Research: Integrated clinical care and research, integrating talent, quality and technology to achieve the best outcomes

  • Population Health: Breaking down barriers to impact every child’s future potential

  • Behavioral and Mental Health Care: Expanding and sharing an innovative model of care

  • Genomics Research and Personalized Medicine: Revolutionizing the next frontier of pediatric health

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12/29/2021 2:01 PM