Information Security 

Information we collect:

When you browse and do not interact with the site for any online service or product from the NGHA, you browse anonymously. Personally identifiable information--such as your name, address, phone number and e-mail address--is not collected as you browse.

When you become a registered user on our site, or choose to interact with our site in other ways, such as subscribing to NGHA publications, purchasing an NGHA product, applying for NGHA membership, participating in online surveys, submitting questions or comments or requesting information or materials, we will collect certain personal information from you. The type of personal information collected will vary but may include name, address, phone number, birth date, billing and delivery information, e-mail address and other demographic information. We do not collect Social Security numbers via an NGHA Web site. The type of product or service that you seek will determine the personal information that is collected. For a listing of the exact type of personal information that will be collected from you, please refer to the relevant online form.

Tracking activity on our web-site :

We track how our site is used by both anonymous visitors and visitors who interact with the site. One way we track is by using "cookies." A cookie is a small file or string of text on the site user's computer that is used to aid Web navigation. Two types of cookies are commonly used. A session cookie is created by a Web site when that Web site is accessed; that type of cookie is automatically deleted by closing the Web browser. A persistent cookie is a cookie that is stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer for a period of time chosen by the web-site that set the cookie, usually for a number of years, unless the user deletes it manually. This policy distinguishes between short-lived cookies and long-lasting cookies. Short-lived cookies include all session cookies and those persistent cookies that are set to be stored for no more than one week. NGHA-related web-sites may at times require users to accept short-lived cookies in order for the Web sites to function properly. Long-lasting cookies may be used on the site to track visitor practices to help determine that site features and services are most important and guide editorial direction. Other long-lasting cookies may make it possible for the user to access the site without requiring entry of a user name or password, allow the user to view different restricted areas of the site without reregistering, allow the user to personalize the site for future use and provide other features and benefits. Users who do not desire the functionality created by the long-lasting cookie should have the option to disable the long-lasting cookie function, by disabling the long-lasting cookie function on their Web browser. Cookies are required for the Members-Only of the Web site. Cookies are essential for site administration and security. 

This site uses Google Analytics to prepare content reports that helps to learn how do visitors interact with the website and the pages  without collecting personally identifiable information.

How we use personal information:

Once collected, we may use your personal information (except for e-mail address, which is outlined below) for the following purposes:

  • Register you for programs and services you have requested

  • Process, fulfill and follow up on your orders or membership application

  • Answer your e-mails or on-line requests

  • Send information you request

  • Send and process surveys

  • Ensure the NGHA site is relevant to your needs

  • Deliver NGHA services such as newsletters, meetings or events

  • Notify you about new products/services special offers, upgrades and other related information from the NGHA.

How we use your e-mail address :

The following defines how the e-mail will be handled for physicians and medical students, NGHA members and nonphysicians who have supplied their e-mail address to the NGHA.

We do not share, sell, trade, exchange or rent your e-mail address to vendors for them to market their products or services to you. When we hire vendors to deliver e-mails to you on our behalf, they are under agreement and limited from using your e-mail address for any other purpose.

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