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Patient Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities

The patient and his family are required to the following:

  • Submit all available information relevant to the patient’s condition, medical history, and any previous hospitalization or prescribed/used medications. Furthermore, any unexpected changes in his condition during treatment should be reported to the attending physician.
  • Follow the treatment plan outlined by the supervising medical team.
  • Will be held responsible if they decide to refuse or discontinue treatment.
  • Fully adhere to follow-up appointments given to him. In case he cannot make it to the booked appointment, he should notify the appointment desk or Patient Services 24 hours in advance.
  • Patients, their families, and their visitors should fully abide by the instructions and regulations of the medical facilities.
  • They should deal respectfully and appropriately with the healthcare staff, and take into consideration other patients’ feelings and conditions.
  • In case of obtaining an Authorized Sitter Form, sitters must follow the instructions mentioned.
  • They should maintain the properties of health facilities that are placed to serve them at all times.
  • They should not bring valuable belongings with them and if they do they should immediately hand in all their valuables to the Admission's Office, otherwise the hospital is not responsible for any missing items.
  • Once the patient is discharged after treatment completion he is requested to leave medical facilities without delay.
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