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To increase the productivity of an organization, it is not enough to invest in new technology and new machinery. We need to invest in and develop our most important element: Human Resources. At NGHA, the executive management believes firmly the highest standard of healthcare cannot be achieved without qualified and dependable employees, which is made possible by proper training.

This underlies the role of the Training and Development department. We provide various training services and activities for non-physician employees, specifically for paramedics, technicians and administrative workers we also provide training for under-graduate students and sometimes for the staff of other health organizations


The mission of Training and Development is to provide training for non-physician staff within Health Affairs at the Ministry of National Guard in paramedical, technical and administrative fields to ensure that they have the required skills and knowledge to perform their duties at a high standard and provide high-quality health care. In addition, it contributes to Saudization by providing special training programs dedicated to train newly-graduated Saudi individuals, qualifying them for employment in Health Affairs at the Ministry of National Guard.

Our mission as Training and Development Department is to exceed our internal and external customers' expectations by providing high quality services.


  • Provide high quality training for Health Affairs at the Ministry of National Guardstaff (non-physicians).
  • Provide essential courses for NGHA employees, including English / Arabic Languages Courses and Medical Terminology.
  • Contribute to the Health Care education system by providing training for student from local institutes.
  • Contribute to saudization by hiring new Saudi graduates through the Saudi Career Development Program.
  • Improve the skills of professional staff members by providing specialized courses to enhance their careers.
  • Improve staff member management skills by providing general Management Courses.

Core Values:

Our Core Values establish a framework for all of our strategies, decisions and behavior. They are more than words on a page or noble ideals; they are the standards by which we strive to conduct our daily activities, work with one another, and interact within the communities in which we serve.   

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2017 Training and Development witnessed an increase in the number of beneficiaries from our services.

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