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​Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship Training Program

Saudi Pediatric Pulmonary Training Program is a 2-year clinical program.  The program adheres to the Objectives of Training and Specialty Training Requirements in Pediatric Pulmonology as outlined by the Saudi Council for Health Specialties.

The program is under Pediatric department, the division of pediatric Pulmonology at  King Abdulaziz Medical City, National Guard in Riyadh and in collaboration with the other hospitals in Riyadh that are part of the program.

  On completion of the training program, the fellow will be competent to function as a consultant in pediatric Pulmonology. The fellow will acquire the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to be able to recognize, investigate, and manage all pediatric pulmonary diseases. The knowledge base will also include a broad appreciation of general pediatrics and the basic science relevant to the pediatric pulmonary sub-specialty. The fellow will develop an in depth understanding of problems affecting the respiratory apparatus: this includes the central respiratory control neurons, chemo-receptors, the respiratory muscles and their nerve supply, the chest wall, the airways, the lungs, and the pulmonary vasculature.

The professional attributes to be demonstrated and developed will include responsibility, intellectual curiosity, self-appraisal, compassion, and a commitment to continuing medical education. The fellow will acquire the clinical skills to treat and counsel patients with diseases affecting the respiratory system; this will include primary and secondary prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation. The graduate will be able to supervise a clinical pulmonary function laboratory.  The fellow will learn to work effectively with a health care team and will acquire the skills to be an effective teacher of other physicians (including house officers), other health care professionals and patients. The physician specializing in pediatric Pulmonology will also learn to appraise his/her own professional performance, to assess the medical literature critically and to maintain his/her level of competence.  The fellow will demonstrate increasing and appropriate level of responsibility as their training progresses, as guided by their rotation preceptors. 

In addition, the fellow will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to gender, culture and ethnicity pertinent to pediatric Pulmonology as well as an ability to incorporate gender, cultural and ethnic perspectives in research methodology, data presentation and analysis.

The Saudi Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship structure for the 2 years training is:

The 1st year:

  1. General Pulmonology : 2 blocks rotation, each block is 4 months ( total of 8 months). Includes: Consultation service, inpatients, outpatients and Bronchoscopy.  

  2. PICU: 2 months rotation. The fellow expected to learn the management of acute and severe respiratory diseases and different ventilator strategies.

  3. Pulmonary function Test (PFT) lab:  one month duration.

  4. Vacation:  One month.

The 2nd year:

  1. General Pulmonology : 2 blocks rotation, each block is 3 months ( total of 6 months). Includes: Consultation service, inpatients, outpatients and Bronchoscopy. 

  2. Pediatric allergy & Immunology:  One month rotation.

  3. Elective rotation.  Two months rotation. The fellow will choose the specialty he/she would like to rotate, e.g.:  ped ENT, ped Radiology, lung pathology, home health care and pulmonary vascular disease.

  4. Adult Pulmonology.  One month

  5. Pediatric sleep medicine. One month.

  6. Vacation one month.

The program during these two year consists of different academic activities which include the daily round, journal clubs, cases discussion rounds and pediatric radiology rounds, etc.

At the end of the two year, the fellow has to set for both written and clinical/oral examination.  He/She has to pass written exam to proceed for the clinical/oral examination.  He/She has to pass both exams to be given the Saudi Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship certificate from SCFHS.      

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Program Director, Saudi Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship

King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh

Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs

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