Ref No.:​ MN 057 - 2015 nghaicon.png​ ​ ​ ​
Date:​ (H) 23 Dhual Hijja 1436
(G) 06-October-2015 ​
From:​  Dr. Bandar Al Knawy, Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs ​
To:​ Distribution 'B(CR);B(WR);B(ERH);B(ERD);B(MM)' ​
Subject:​ Establishment of Bed Management Board, King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh

Further to the establishment of Bed Management Department with the following functions: 

  • Create, monitor and measure patient flow
  • Initiate and promote more effective methods of delivering bedside clinical practice to optimize patient flow
  • Establish, implement and monitor effective policies and procedures
  • Establish standards based upon best practices  
  • Measure and audit the flow of clinical performance 

In order to streamline patient  flow and ensure that there will be a daily business plan to achieve the functions of the Department enumerated above,  creation of an Executive Management  Board is essential.  

The Bed Management Board will be chaired by Dr. Ali Al Khatami, Chairman, Bed Management Department  with the following membership:

  1. Deputy Chairman, Quality and Patient Safety, Internal Medicine
  2. Deputy Chairman, Quality and Patient Safety, Surgery
  3. Deputy  Chairman,  Medical Imaging-Operations
  4. Section Head, Critical Care & Trauma, Emergency Medicine Department
  5. Director, Hospital Executive On Duty
  6. Director, Patient Relations Department
  7. Director of Clinical Nursing, Critical Care
  8. Director of Clinical Nursing, Emergency Room

Please join me in ensuring to achieve the mission and objectives of this newly established Bed Management Board.  Your cooperation is as usual appreciated.

Approved by :  
Dr. Bandar Al Knawy
Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
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20-Oct-2015 03:33 PM