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How to Treat a Burn Blister Caused by Friction and Burns

How to Treat a Burn Blister Caused by Friction and Burns

Blisters are usually caused by friction and burns. An outer layer separates from the inner layer and the area fills up with fluid.

The blister must not be broken as the skin becomes a natural barrier to reduce the risk of infection. Allow the wound to breathe but keep it covered with bandages or gauze.

Only if the blister is painful and causes pain you can consider self-care measures listed below:

Please note that if you have diabetes or poor circulation, call your doctor before considering the self-care measures.

  • Clean your hands. Man with a blister on his heel
  • Make sure the blister is clean by swabbing it with iodine or rubbing alcohol.
  • Use a clean sharp sterilized needle to make a hole in the blister in several spots to release the fluid.
  • Use an antibiotic ointment.
  • Cover it with a bandage or gauze.
  • After several days cut away the dead skin with sterilized tweezers and scissors. Apply more ointment and a bandage.
  • If there is pain, pus, redness, or the skin is warm call the doctor as it may be a sign of infection.
  • To prevent blisters in the future make sure to wear gloves, socks or any similar protective cover.


This information is provided by the NGHA Content Advisory Board and is not intended to replace the medical advice of your health care provider.

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