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King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Ahsa is raising awareness of prostate cancer


"Considered the second most common cancer among men!"

King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Ahsa is raising awareness of prostate cancer

King Abdulaziz Hospital at the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa held an awareness campaign about prostate cancer and men's health. It included an exhibition that attracted many visitors, including patients, visitors, and employees, during which they listened to essential instructions and advice regarding men's health, specifically prostate cancer. The visitors' questions about the exhibition were based on self-examination and signs of disease.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, after lung cancer. Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that it affects one out of nine men, making it a threat to men's lives worldwide.

However, studies also indicate that there are no apparent symptoms of prostate cancer. In its early stages, but after it reaches the advanced stages, the patient begins to feel difficulty urinating, bone pain, and a sharp and noticeable decrease in weight.

Medical studies have proven that early examination is a successful method for diagnosis and avoiding complications. Two types of examination are available; the first is a clinical examination, and the other is an examination of blood enzymes for the prostate. There are no natural and apparent reasons for prostate cancer to form. Still, studies have shown that regular exercise and adherence to a healthy diet avoid infection. With this disease, the earlier the examination, the better and more successful the treatment.

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