The Pediatrics Department at King Abdulaziz Hospital is acting upon values of spirit of teamwork, loyalty, and honesty.

A high-quality patient care has been and will continue to be an important priority for our department.

We are proud to say that we have a highly qualified and skilled staff that implements the best of North American & European standards of pediatrics health care. Four years ago, the Saudi Council of Health Specializations accredited our department for the Saudi Board residency training program. Recently, it accredited it as an Exam Centre for the final clinical exam for Saudi Board in Pediatrics.

We believe that any new staff will sense that our department settings and performance are exited.

The Pediatrics Department is committed to excellence in pediatrics and to the promotion of child health through innovation and collaboration encompassing the areas of education, patient care, and research.


The Pediatrics Department will maintain the JCIA and the Saudi Board Residency Training Program accreditation and will stand out as an academic center for pediatrics postgraduate training.

The department will be an academic resource and an integrated center for all pediatrics subspecialties in the Eastern Region.

The department will provide exemplary healthcare of all subspecialties for children of the National Guard families and community.


The department targets the following:

  • Supporting the pediatrics residency program with formal didactical activities and clinically oriented teaching;
  • Participating in training nurse practitioner students with group instruction and clinical teaching activities;
  • To be a leading Continuing Medical Education (CME) resource by hosting international conferences, conducting local and national training sessions, and sharpening skills and knowledge of the practicing pediatrics;
  • Providing direct care to patients and families and consultation services to the practicing pediatrician and other pediatrics care providers in other health care facilities;
  • Attracting undergraduates of the College of Medicine to be pediatricians by standing out in mentoring to be basis for a future generation of outstanding pediatricians.


Patient Care:

The Pediatrics Department is dedicated to provide exemplary care to infants, children and adolescents. We strive to deliver advanced healthcare with an emphasis on complex conditions with multidisciplinary needs in the realization that a holistic approach to the patients is required.

Patient care includes inpatients and outpatients of allied hospitals with the additional responsibility of being involved with community and health care workers in the prevention of childhood disorders.


The Pediatrics Department is committed to the education of undergraduate medical students and resident staff training on pediatrics and pediatrics subspecialties. It is also involved in educating professionals of child health care to raise health care awareness in the community.


The Pediatrics Department is dedicated to developing, fostering and promoting pediatrics knowledge and skills through the ethical conduct of clinical and basic research.

A practice-based learning and improvement that involves investigation and evaluation of patient care, appraisal and assimilation of scientific evidence and improvements in patient care is emphasized.

Scope of Service:

Provision of emergency outpatient and inpatient services for pediatrics age group from birth up to 12 years and the young up to the age of 18 years through clinical examination, investigation and immediate treatment or admission continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides the medical and supportive care for neonates of different birth weights and gestational ages.

Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides intensive medical and interventional care for critically ill children.

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